A little thing that makes all the difference

by Amanda

When it comes to your brand, the right closure can mean the difference between dependability and inconsistency. Who knew such a little thing was such a big deal?

As a boutique business, we understand the pressure for each and every customer touchpoint to be flawless. That’s one reason we’ve improved options on our pouches and wraps to include your choice of white, black, or lace ribbon tie or jute with a natural button. Because it truly is the little things that count.

Watch as Adele explains your options in this 30-second video:

No more compromising on the closure. Now, our photography pouches and wraps for albums, canvases, prints, and flash drives come in countless fabric and lining options and finally, your choice of four closures. 

Need help? Message our stylists for help creating the perfect combination to complement your brand.

Here at Kraft & Jute, we specialize in hand-crafted, custom-stitched presentation materials. While our product line has grown to include a multitude of fabrics, papers, colors, and finishing touches, our commitment to high-quality, beautiful, customized photography packaging for your business is still at the heart of everything we craft.