3.0 Speed and 16GB USBs for photography packaging... that's how we do it

April 08, 2019

3.0 Speed and 16GB USBs for photography packaging... that's how we do it

With so many options of sizes, speed, color, why do we only offer one simple version of our USB - a 3.0, 16GB version?  Because it's simple and it's more cost effective for you.

As our delivery of digital prints shifts from CD/DVDs to USB Flash Drives we've seen a rise in costs of medium that we used to once share them on.  That cost has to be transferred to our clients in the end and I know we all strive to keep our cost down and our talented services more accessible to those in your communities.

So that is why Kraft & Jute offers the products we do - to be cost effective and keep costs down for you.

You'll see other photography supply companies offering USBs in sizes from 2gb to 164 gb, but with that you'll also see a huge difference in the cost of the upgraded size of drive.  

And the speed of the drive... what is the difference between a 2.0 and a 3.0 version of the USB.  Here are the writing and upload stats of the different chip technology.

2.0 Speed – Usually around 15 mbps Read x 3 mbps Write
3.0 Speed – Usually around 50 mbps Read x 10 mbps Write 

So the newer technology is about 3x faster than the older 2.0 version.  Now, ask yourself... would you like to upload your files 3x faster and save time on all your clients projects?  Heck, yah!

So what's the big deal?

Well the big deal is that by us focusing on just one speed (the fastest) and one size (the most common) we can offer you these two features at the same cost that you used to be able to buy an 8GB 2.0 USB drive at in the past.

There is no more upgrade charges for the faster speed, no more upgrade charge for the larger drive size.

One low cost for both of those features... available in both the Glass and Wooden drives.

Engraving option is still available on all drives so you can personalize them and make them your own.

And now, Kraft and Jute even offers a Fulfillment Service where we can upload files to your drive and send out the USB Flash Drives bundles directly to your client; saving you on shipping charges.

Glass USB Flash drive with Packaging

Wooden USB in Bamboo and Walnut


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