3 Tips for Great Photography Packaging

September 18, 2018

3 Tips for Great Photography Packaging

How many of you consider packaging an afterthought? Something you HAVE to do? Don't worry, you're not alone!

Here are three easy tips for starting your journey to incorporating great packaging into your studio. And remember, don't compare yourself to everyone else, do what works best and is right for you!

1. Identify the personality of your brand
Take some time and really identify what your brand is, what is the look, the feel in terms of something tangible. Do you and your images exude a natural, earthy feel? Are you sleek and modern? Carefree and whimsical? Once you settle on your personality this helps narrow your options down in packaging.

Personality of your brand

Bailey Warren Photography

BONUS TIP: The personality of brand doesn't always match 100% with your own individual personality. So don't get caught up in buying packaging that is fun and colorful because that is what you like, when you're trying to convey a sleek and elegant look!

2. Be Economical
Listen... a great, professional look does not have to break the bank. You do not need real, gold foil embossed leather boxes to be a professional photographer and to look your best.

Do your research, find a packaging solution that first, fits your personality and then find something that also fits your photography pricing structure. Remember that you do get what you pay for so you don't want the cheapest, but you also don't need the most expensive.

Be Economical

BONUS TIP: If you're a new photographer your packaging should be considered a marketing cost and built in to your price list from the beginning.  So take some time and do a little research to start so you know what you want to cover in your costs.

3. Find Flexibility

Find a packaging partner that gives you flexibility in customizing your packaging and supporting materials.  You don't want to have to order a 100 of something... what if you decide it doesn't work and need to change.

Think about being different and unique in what you give each of your clients.  Make the packaging about them, give them their experience, not the same the client before them, and before them, and before them...

Find Flexibility

BONUS TIP: Consider packaging options that have longevity for your client. Like a Transformer... you give it to them one way, and they turn around and continue to use it as something else!  It's also a nice thing to do for the earth!

We'd love to hear your tips and what you do to tackle photography packaging in your studio.  Please share below or join the conversation on Facebook.

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