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Featured Photographer - Little Loo Photography

February 14, 2019

Featured Photographer - Little Loo Photography

Welcome to our Featured Photographer.  This is an opportunity for us to showcase established photographers in hope that the insight into their business will help inspire and motivate others. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

Little Loo Photography

Business Information

Your Name: Lisa Weingardt   

Business Name: Little Loo Photography

Years in Business: 7.5

Photography Focus (ie Newborn, Wedding, Seniors, etc.) Birth, newborn, families 

Social Handles






Let's Get To Know You and Your Photography Business

What is it about being a photographer that makes you passionate?

I am so drawn to the story, and I believe everyone has a deep and meaningful one. From the birth of our children when we first hold them in our arms, and that wonderful love story begins through the years as families grow and evolve- I am passionate about it all. I feel like we capture time and memories in images and video, and I love that I get to do that for families!

What 3 tips for a successful photography business would you share with others (established and upcoming, hey we can all learn).

One. To not compare yourself with others, we are all on a journey and no one photographer’s is the same. It is hard to do and I get caught up in it all the time and it is when I do that that I feel like I fall short.

Two. To not be afraid to be different even if everyone else is on board with the latest style of phase, be you.  

Three. Being sure you know the ins and outs of running a business. This has by far been the toughest area for me as I have no business background. I have made tons of mistakes but luckily didn’t give up. I would suggest mentoring with someone for business.

How does your packaging help you build your photography brand?

I love getting that email, phone call, or even texts from my clients when their package shows up. Almost every single time they rave about it! I think it is just the finishing touch to what I hope has been a beautiful experience for families. It adds such polish and really makes the client feel valued.

Presentation Box

Help others understand how you decided on what type, style and elements of your packaging to use?

Because I focus on birth, newborns, and families, I keep mine pretty basic. I do always include your bamboo USB with the beautiful burlap pouches or USB pillows, I also include fabric pouches for print images and always package my orders in presentation boxes wrapped with twine and sola flowers. I have never found packaging like yours and I do think it is unique and stands above in our industry.

USB and Box Photography Packaging

What has been your all time best reaction when you’ve delivered your products and images to your clients?

I had one client text me as soon as she received her package and ask if she could please share on social media my beautiful packaging. She went on and on about it and even referred a friend to me because of the packaging!

USB Flash Drive with Packaging Pouch

As we each continue to grow, what one thing have you decided to focus on and grow in your business this year? (does not have to be packaging related)

Video! I have invested in mentors and and workshops in the past 12 months to grow in this area, I feel like it adds another depth and layer to the ability to tell the stories of the families that trust me with theirs. I would love to grow and expand in this area for sure. I also have added this option to my family sessions as a way to document their daily lives, and it is finally growing, so I am super excited about that!


Kraft & Jute Products Used by Little Loo Photography:

USB Flash Drives

USB Burlap Pouch

Presentation Box

Print Photo Box

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