How is your Photography Packaging like my kids Lunchables?

September 23, 2018

How is your photography packaging like my kids luncheables?

What does my photography packaging have to do with my kids Lunchables?

Lunchables - you know those prepackaged lunch kits for kids to assemble a ham, turkey or pizza sandwich, made out of crackers, for their lunch. Yeah those.

And you know your packaging that you put your final prints, albums and canvas in to deliver to your clients? Yeah, these two things…. They have something in common… or at least they should.

I can see that you're skeptical, but hear me out. As I was grocery shopping one day, I passed the lunchables in the deli section of our store and my kids eyes light up…”oooh mom, mom, mom…” (ya know how one mom isn’t enough), “…can we have those, pleeeeeaaasssseeee.”

I looked at them (with my disgusted mom look) and said, “you already get these things in your lunch”. I give you ham, crackers, cheese and a cookie. "I know," they said, "but these are much better and we really want them."


I thought to myself… really? These processed packages of mass produced ham circles and two Oreo cookies are better than the premium deli meat and home cooked cookies I spend my money on and time cooking?

I started to feel that I failed as a mom, I was doing it ALL wrong.

Then it hit me! My kids didn’t care about the taste of the food in that package or that it wasn’t as healthy an option for them. They wanted it (and had to have it SOOO bad) because it was cool! It was packaged in a tidy plastic container that had individual slots for each piece of food, made a cool sound as you ripped off the plastic cover and said “look at me” to the other kids at the table.

Are you asking what does this have to do with my photography business yet? Well it has everything to do with your business.   It’s a case in point that the presentation of your materials matter to your client and those that your client is going to share their images with.

Your photography packaging is your Lunchable!

Have you considered how your packaging, presentation and delivery tools make your clients feel?
Does it ignite excitement?
Does it keep all the elements you want them to cherish together?
Does it protect your work (because it’s damn good work)?
Does it make my clients want to take to show and tell (you need this one for growing your referrals)?

What are your next steps? Consider reviewing your current photo packaging and presentation tools? Check out our 3 tips for great photo packaging article to help ask yourself some of the relevant questions to see if you’re on the right path. Seek help from a professional packaging company, or a mentor that has been using packaging consistently for many years in their business.

Don’t underestimate the value of your packaging and presentation to the success of your business. Visual representation helps enhance the overall experience your client has had with you and provides tangible opportunities for your brand to sell itself even when you’re not around! Sorry had to emphasis that point because it's so true.

Get going and find the Lunchable that’s right for you!


As a packaging supplier, we believe that your packaging should scream, I’m your photographer! Your photos are the ice-cream sundae, but the right packaging is the cherry on top.

We've created a special worksheet to help you create a packaging strategy that matches your unique brand.

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