Kraft & Jute Advisory Team

February 01, 2018

Kraft & Jute Advisory Team

We need your help!

We want your help in better tailoring our content, products, and overall business to better fit your needs as a creativepreneur. So we assembling an Advisory Team made up of photographers just like you! 

As a Advisory Team member and a K&J brand ambassador you will get to participate in:

  • New product development and testing: we've got some exciting and different product ideas on the horizon we need your input and testing
  • Social media takeovers: share with the K&J community what you love, hate, working on, where you're get the idea! 
  • Guest blogging: got more to say than a social post can fit?
  • Special team promotions and discounts: as a thank you for helping us out!

You can enter for a chance to join our team by:

  • Tagging photos of your personalized K&J packaging with #KraftYourBrand on Facebook and Instagram
  • Tagging us Instagram or Facebook
  • Send us an email at with 3 reasons why you want to join.

Team members will be selected on March 1st and notified via email. 

If you have questions, let us know.



As a packaging supplier, we believe that your packaging should scream, I’m your photographer! Your photos are the ice-cream sundae, but the right packaging is the cherry on top.

We've created a special worksheet to help you create a packaging strategy that matches your unique brand.

Click here to download your free copy.