Meet Rhonda Samuels

May 10, 2018

Meet Rhonda Samuels

Rhonda Samuels Photography

Lifestyle Portrait Photography (maternity, newborn, family, children, seniors), Wedding Photography, Event Photography

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Why did you decide to do photography? And why on your own?

I’ve always loved taking pictures all the way back to when I had my Kodak 110 film camera. I worked for a school photographer for 16 years and decided that I wanted to do this on my own, so I went back to college when my daughter was a senior in high school and got my Certificate in Photography.

What’s one of your most favorite projects? Why? 

My most favorite project isn’t necessarily a project, but a whole new branch of my photography business, and that’s weddings. I never thought I wanted to do weddings, but I got out of my comfort zone and started second shooting for free for a couple of the most awesome wedding photographers and just great ladies. They taught me everything I know! Now, I am in love with photographing weddings. They are exhausting but so much fun!

Where is your dream place to shoot? Why? 

My dream shoot would be to shoot a wedding or engagement in Yellowstone! It’s my absolute favorite place on earth, and I love shooting landscapes there. So to combine both of my passions would just be a dream come true!

Who do you admire?

The person that I admire most in my personal life is my mom for sure! She raised me and my brother and did it all by herself. I didn’t realize all of the sacrifices that she made for us until I was an adult and had my own kids.

In my business life, I admire Katherine Beth of Katherine Beth Photography. She’s the one who took a chance on me and let me shoot with her team when she was put on bed rest at 19 weeks of her pregnancy and still had 5 months of weddings to shoot. But she made it work, with our help, and she did it with grace and strength. And now she has a beautiful baby girl!

Describe your style in 3 words.

I don’t really have a “style," but I like light, crisp, clean images.

What’s your go-to K&J product? Why?

My favorite Kraft & Jute product is definitely the thumb drives. I never wanted to be that photographer who finished a shoot and never saw my client face to face again. I like to deliver a gallery in person and then hand them over their images on a thumb drive in super cute packaging with my logo on it so they don’t forget where their images came from. I use the bamboo ones for my portrait sessions and the crystal ones for my weddings.

What are tricks you use to manage the business and marketing side of your business?

Honestly, I really hate the marketing side of my business, and I’m not that good at it. I belong to a networking group, and I try to make connections with other people in the industry. I try to use Instagram, but let’s be honest, who really knows how to make that work!!

What do you collect?

I collect Christmas ornaments from all of the places that me and my family have visited and Starbucks cups from all of the same places.

What is your favorite thing about where you live?

My favorite thing about the place I live would probably just be the fact that most of my family lives here and we’re all close. And we have some pretty cool places to shoot.

What would people find most surprising about you?

I love, love, love hockey!!! I’m obsessed! And I’m a die-hard Anaheim Ducks fan whether they are losing or winning.

What’s your favorite piece of gear or tech that helps you do your job best?

I am absolutely in love with my Canon 70-200 2.8L lens. It takes the best portraits and gives you that dreamy background.

What is your favorite physical place to go for inspiration?

I don’t really think I have a favorite place to go for inspiration. Probably anywhere in nature inspires me. I just like it to be pretty.

What is your favorite podcast, TV show, or book about creative business? 

I don’t really listen to podcasts, and if I’m going to read, it’s usually a good romance novel!

Who is your favorite influencer, blogger, author? Why?

I love Jenna Kutcher! She’s just so positive, and I love the fact that she’s so transparent and doesn’t let the world’s views affect her. She’s just very inspiring.

What is your favorite thing about your everyday?

One of my favorite things about my everyday is that I love the fact that I don’t have to get dressed up and go to an office everyday. I love my quiet walks in the morning where I connect with Jesus. I love that I can work in my yoga pants if I want or I can actually get dressed and look presentable. I love the fact that my husband has been such a good provider for our family and I’m able to pursue this dream of mine.



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