Photo Packaging Should Create Magic For Your Clients

July 30, 2018

Photo Packaging Should Create Magic For Your Clients

It's all about the experience!  And as professional photographers most of you embrace this aspect of your business.  But sometimes we stop focusing on the experience a bit too early and miss out on the opportunity to ensure our packaging is part of this experience.

The Packaging industry is becoming hyper focused on the functionality of it's packaging in the consumer experience.  Why should we care what the consumer packaging industry is doing?  Because we can learn from these top brands and their research in the market and on the consumer.  So what are they saying...?

“Pick me up. Touch me. Enjoy the experience!” Packaging that goes beyond product protection and delivery, that inspires emotion, excitement, and anticipation, will create customer loyalty and brand ownership like no other.

This final touch on your client experience is like the icing on the cake (no pun intended for our wedding photogs!).  It's a final touchpoint and where you can truly solidify the long-term relationship you're working on building.

Here are two important reasons why you can and should elevate your photography packaging to create magic:

1. Remember that clients in general and millennials in particular seek experiences more than they look to acquire things. If your clients engage in  magical experiences in their interactions with packaging, this will go a long way to cementing their relationships with your photography business.

Photography Packaging that Creates Emotion

2. Secondly, as adults (children at heart), we are highly responsive to a bit of magic in our hurried and responsibility-driven lives.

Take a little time to think about your photography packaging and how it's enhancing the experience that you're working so hard for.

Create Emotion and Excitement with Photography Packaging


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