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SJ Videography | Featured Videographer

September 11, 2018

SJ Videography | Featured Videographer

SJ Videography | Featured Videographer

What type of videography do you shoot? How long have you been in business?: Wedding & Lifestyle Videography. I started about 5 years ago.


When did you first join the Kraft & Jute family?: About 3.5 years ago

What steps did you go through when creating your packaging? Any advice to videographers beginning to use packaging?: Above all else, I wanted my packaging to reflect the emotion and aesthetic of my brand. First, I took the color pallet of my website and logo. I then tried to boil down the look and feel of my videos into a few descriptive words. The words that came to mind were "romantic," "dreamy," and "simplistic." I use light and calming colors like lavender and cream to portray a dreamy feel. And then add candles, soap, and sometimes chocolate for a romantic vibe.

"My advice for other photographers/videographers would be to not worry about what everyone else is doing, and instead try to stay focused on what makes your personality and brand unique. It's so easy to get caught up trying to mimic what other people do, but your clients book you for your unique point of view. So stay true to you!"

Why do you feel that packaging is so important to your brand?: Packaging is the last impression you leave with your clients, so it's important to be a lasting one. There's something really exciting about opening a gift box, especially when it goes above and beyond what's expected. Going the extra mile shows you truly care, and makes clients feel like they are more than just a paycheck to you. When you're invested in a client, they will invest back into you. This is where most referrals come from!

Name your favorite Kraft & Jute packaging product that you can't live without.: DVD Printing! I love that my clients can each have a custom design.

Best advice that you've ever been given in your videography career?: The advice that's helped me the most is that in order to continually book your dream clients, you first have to identify who that is! It sounds really simple, but it actually takes some time to figure out. In order to establish a consistent brand, it's important that you are working with clients that fit your brand and personality. Once you can boil down who your dream client is, you don't need to be afraid to advertise or look for people that fit that mold. This is because, when you work with people that mesh with your personality and brand, you are naturally performing at your best. Those dream clients are also more likely to book top packages, and in return really value the work they receive.


Brown Kraft Keepsake Box+ White DVD Sleeve + DVD Printing


Kraft & Jute Products Shown:
Brown Kraft Keepsake Box
DVD Printing
White Kraft Single Sleeves

Other products shown:
Candle, soap, and circle box- World Market
Paper and Thank You card- Paper Source

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Facebook /sjvideography

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