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Website Templates Made For Photographers....and what to include on your site

February 15, 2018

Website Templates Made For Photographers....and what to include on your site

Templates make our life easier.
But it's finding the right one that can be tricky.

As a small business owner, I'm constantly looking for tools that will enhance my business – make it more efficient, profitable, and ultimately free up time for me to engage with our customers (you guys). 

Templates are one of the best ways to do the things I'm not good at – things I didn't start my business for, yet are necessary to stay around. Marketing is by far one of the most important aspect to a business, and it can be one of the hardest parts. Like most entrepreneurs you started your business for something you love to do – and it's not marketing. 

Can we all agree that the single most important marketing tool these days is your website? I mean, hello, if you don't have a website in 2018, no one will take you seriously. But let me guess, you don't know much, if anything, about how to set up, design, run... a website. 

Have no fear! There are so many great, easy to use, and affordable website tools available now that will match your level of skills and expertise, as well as your style. 

Some heavy hitters out there are WIX and SquareSpace, but they're tailored for the masses. What about website builders for creatives, like you, that need to cater to your unique style, capacity to showcase lots of images, and really understand the photography world?

Have you heard of Showit? They get photographers! And they get it's all about your client experience!

They've designed their website templates to look like well-designed digital magazines, showcasing your photography in an easy to digest and engaging way. They have over 100 templates styles, including some free options!

Are you in love?

If you're ready to update your site, Showit is offering 10% off subscriptions with code


What are some key things to showcase on your website?

  • Your Brand: and I don't just mean your logo, but what do you stand for, how and why do you do what you do, and how you are unique!
  • Your Story: especially if your an entrepreneur, people want to know about you! After all, they're really buying you and your abilities, so tell them about you.
  • Your Photography: this is obvious, but show it in an engaging way, not just a boring gridded gallery of photos. provides you unique ways for your users to actually interact with your photographs.
  • Your Social: if you're active on social, and Instagram is a big one for the photog community, share it on your site. There are easy to use tools that will help you integrate your feed into your site.
  • How To Connect With You: and lastly you need a way for potential clients to contact you, but make this fun and reflect your personality!

If any of you have tried Showit, let us know what you think.

Has it elevated your business?

Are there other website tools you've liked using?

Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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