You Learn From Everywhere

October 31, 2017

You Learn From Everywhere

I know what my answer would of been years ago in my late teens...yeah right! If it wasn't something that appeared to be directly related to what it was I was involved in at that exact moment, then it was a waste of time.

Fast forward a few years (not going to tell you how many, but enough!) and WHAM-O! I learn from all over the place, most of the time in the least expected place. And I love it!

I was at a conference for the hearing aid industry - yep you heard me right! (haha, pun intended). I wasn't there thinking about the creative packaging industry or that I'd come back with some invaluable information... but I did!

I wanted to share a few things that I learned from this conference and how they can be applied to YOUR industry at this very moment.

You have to have dreams (even if you fail) to get somewhere.

I don't think this requires much explanation, but the speaker was talking about technology and failing. But how well does this concept apply to everything, personally, professionally, in posing your clients, in editing, in our marketing attempts, you name it - it makes sense!

"To the person who does not know where he wants to go there is no favorable wind." - Seneca

This was in reference to patient care, but hello! don't we hear this from every angle? We as a business have to do something to make sure those that come into contact with our business remember us. Before you know it the next person in line is more than willing to take their photos at their wedding, their babies first birthday, for less than what we will charge. BE MEMORABLE!

Your food tastes "better" when you have been seated correctly.

Research has shown that when someone has been treated right from the time they enter the restaurant they believe that their food taste better. Apply this to your business, treat your potential clients (and existing) right from the beginning and they will see your value!

This doesn't just apply to being "nice" to them, this means set the stage, show them your professionalism with organized marketing materials. Bring consistency with the information your sharing and make sure that they get the same brand feel from you at all your touchpoints. You're the expert, act like it and treat them to a memorable experience!

Invest in the best staff.

I know, you're saying to yourself, I can't afford staff - this doesn't apply to my business. Be careful putting yourself in that box. I know as a growing business you have to do many, MANY things to keep the business running, but make sure that isn't affecting the way potential and existing clients are being treated (and more than likely it's a negative effect on them). A team of great people will ensure that no matter where someone inquires about you, they are getting the best treatment. The treatment YOU would give them if it was you handling it that moment.

Even if it's a few hours a week that someone else is there helping you to answer phones or emails. Maybe to put together your marketing materials so they are organized (and include everything) so you can faithfully grab and go. This will help you focus on the pieces of the puzzle that YOU are good at and the client experience will be GREAT, not just Okay!

There are so many supportive services out there to help. Virtual assistants, editing and touch-up services, marketing support, you name it, its there! Look and see if something can be taken off your plate and watch how you'll grow!

I picked up more great information too, but I will share that in a second post, keep your eyes peeled.

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