Welcome to Kraft & Jute's Reward Program page. The following is a program that rewards you for your purchases in the Kraft & Jute shop. Keep reading to find out how the rewards program works and how to redeem your earned points at checkout. Thank you for being a member of the Kraft & Jute Rewards Program.

Phase 1: Signing Up

You can sign up by either clicking Sign Up or Create an Account located at the top right of your screen from the Kraft and Jute homepage. OR by pressing the black side tab on your left side of the screen called Rewards Program.

Once opened you will proceed to press “Create a store account". After successfully signing up you will receive an e-mail with a link to your new account. And as a reward for signing up, you will receive 200 points.

Phase 2 - Earn Rewards 

Now that you are a member of the Rewards Program, you'll be able to earn points two ways:

1. You will receive points for any purchases made in the shop, and for every $1 spent, you'll receive 2 reward points.


2. Earn points by referring a friend! Every friend who successfully places an order at Kraft & Jute, you'll receive 500 Kraft & Jute reward points and they will receive 10% off their first order

Viewing Your Points

When the Rewards tab is selected you can view the points you have earned to date. For example it will say, “You have 1,200 Kraft & Jute Customer Points.” (Now, get shopping!)  Not really, but it should!

The Rewards Tab will also let you know what additional reward are available and how many additional points are needed to receive those rewards. When you have enough points for a reward, a Redeem button will be available to press. 



You'll also see the Earn Points Tab. When selected, you'll be able to view how to obtain additional points through other available programs. 



Phase 3 - Redeem Points

Finally, you'll want to redeem your points! Once you have received the minimum of 500 points you'll have two ways of redeeming your points.

1. You'll receive an email that allows you to unlock a new coupon code to use at checkout.


2. Login to your account. It will show you the levels of rewards points you are eligible for, click the Redeem button on the right.

Now you're off and running!

Enjoy your rewards and thank you for your business!