Brand & Styling Consultation

Kraft & Jute is your answer to the question: Where do I start?

We've been helping creatives brand their businesses since 2011. And now, our stylists are more prepared than ever to help you create packaging and presentation materials that communicate your personality, style, and brand promise.

Using a series of in-depth questions about you and your business, our consultants uncover details about your brand to design packaging and presentation materials that communicate all the right messages and produce all the right feelings.

Based on that meeting, our expert team will customize up to 3 Kraft & Jute design options for you and send you pictures of those options, along with pricing information for each. You’ll receive options within 3-5 business days and are not obligated to buy products or services beyond the initial one-time consulting fee.

After you complete your purchase, one of our consultants will connect with you within 24 hours to begin the consultation process.