All of our USB FLASH DRIVES are 3.0 - Faster Upload Speeds!

Done in a Pinch Bundle

Our "Done in a Pinch Bundle" is perfect for the creative who wants to take care of their client quickly! Simply transfer images to flash drive, sign the print release, close the pillow box, and deliver to you client. Done in a pinch, it's that easy! :)

Bundle Includes:
Pillow Box (all colors come with white tissue paper)
16 GB 3.0 speed Flash Drive (personalized)
Bright White Mini Print Release (generic)

Why do we only offer 3.0 speed and 16 GB size? Find out here.

Artwork Requirements: SOLID BLACK LOGO in a .jpg, .png, .pdf, .psd, or .eps. 

Originally created at 300 dpi for acceptable print quality. Maximum file size: 512 MB. *Whatever is in BLACK will be engraved into your Flash Drive.*

Done in a Pinch Combo Color
Brown Kraft
Wine Cup

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