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Linen Wraps (5 colors)

Present your clients albums, canvases, or prints in our luxurious Linen Wraps. Available in 5 sizes. Select your inside lining material and choose from 4 closure options.

What size? The size of the wrap you order should match the size of your album. We make our wraps bigger, so they wrap your entire album. :)

Options: One Linen Wrap (choose size, color, and lining below) 

Dimensions (actual, folded):

4 x 4 Album Wrap: 5 x 5 inches
6 x 6 Album Wrap:
 7 x 7 inches
8 x 8 Album Wrap: 9 x 9 inches
10 x 10 Album Wrap: 11 x 11 inches
12 x 12 Album Wrap: 13 x 13 inches


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